Get ready to have your mind blown with four amazing science experiments that will leave you speechless. With each experiment you will have the opportunity to put the Scientific Method to work.

Before beginning each experiment, fill out the “I Wonder” page. This will ask you to think about the experiment in terms of coming up with:

  • questions
  • forming a hypothesis
  • documenting how you think the experiment will work

Once you begin the experiment, take notes of the steps it took to complete the experiment.

After you complete the experiment, fill out the “So This Is What Happened” page. This is where you will answer the questions gathered before the experiment, as well as notate if your hypothesis was true or false.

There is also a section for you to record whether you liked the experiment (or not) and if you’d like to do more like it.

Have fun and as always, expand on each lesson with further research!


  • Balancing Forks
  • Waterproof Paper
  • Hold the Pepper
  • Hey – No Pressure

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